Computer Telephony Integration

Soft and hardware products of this category create the connection between your phone arrangement, phones and your desktop computer.


CTI extends the call establishment features with the help of your desktop computer. It offers gateway functionality between traditional phone communication and VoIP based communication. It provides call centre required automated, smart call distribution.


offers you a comprehensive call management and contact management. It supports you variously in initiating of calls and logs all carried out calls. - a call is exactly one click far -.

offers you this proffesional CTI features and others:

Quick-Dial -- 3 Phones -- Line toggling -- Hold lines-- Third-Party-Conference -- Redirection -- Forwarding -- Hot-Key Dial -- Outlook integration -- Lotus Notes integration -- Search through filters -- TAPI control of SNOM VoIP phones -- ...


is able to control up to two SNOM phones independently. You get the feature to initiate phone calls out of TAPI capable applications like Outlook or ActiPOINT. Also incoming phone calls will be signalized.


is free of charge downloadable and runs in the background of your operating system. It complements the TSP (TAPI Service Provider) AsnomTAPIduo features by the binding to the Groupwares/PIMs Outlook and/or Notes.


(There are no translations available.) Für die Mehrplatz-Anforderungen kleiner und mittelständischer Firmen KMU's bietet COMIREL mit ActiPOINTserver die passende, kostenfreie Ergänzung zu ActiPOINT. Auf Arbeitplatzcomputern installierte ActiPOINT's agieren als Clients und nutzen gemeinsam die Telephonie-Ressourcen von ActiPOINTserver. Dieser Server-Dienst steht als Mittler zwischen Ihrer Telefonanlage und den ActiPOINT Clients. Sollten einzelne Mitarbeiter außer Haus, oder aus anderen Gründen nicht eingelogt sein, entgeht Diesen kein Anruf mehr. Der Server hält ein Verzeichnis aller Anrufe.